Grading Used Records and Cds

Below is our grading list. Due to time limitations, all items are graded by sight, not by playing. We use this to figure out the condition on used items. All used items are VG or better unless we note otherwise. Once in a while, a cover is in different condition than the cd/record. In these cases we grade the record or cd then the cover, and separate them with a slash. For example, VG+/G means the cd is very good, but the cover got beat up and is only in good condition.



We only use this designation if it is something which we ordered from a distributor or got directly from the band. Unlike many other stores, we don't label cut-outs or promos as new even though they may have never been played. The condition is generally mint minus, but sometimes they may come to us a bit bent up (although it is uncommon for this to happen). Our cds are kept behind our counter with the covers in our bins, to prevent theft. So, there is a good chance that a 'new' copy of a cd will have been opened, but not used.


Still Sealed

A record that has come in to us sealed in the shrink wrap. Generally these are brand new, but we have no way of checking. If you purchase one of these, and want us to make sure everything is correct inside, we will do so, but only after you have paid for it. If there is a problem, we will credit the card back.



Absolutely perfect. Most records don't even come out of the factory this good, so we almost never use it.


Mint Minus

What most people would call either mint or new. This allows for those minor imperfections which are unavoidable in the manufacturing process.


Very Good Plus

There is no noticable wear on them, although there may be a very slight imperfection on the cd/record or cover from normal handling and/or pricing. The average person would not notice anything wrong.


Very Good

Still an excellent condition. This is the condition of most records and cds which come in used but were well treated. There may be some very minor scuffs or wear. Covers may have some small bit of bending on them, but still in good shape. On records, there may be a slight bit of noise, but not enough to bother the average listener. On cds, there may be some visible wear, but it should not affect play at all.


Very Good Minus

Now the signs of age and handling are starting to show. Covers may be a bit frayed (although still not falling apart). Some noise (pops and crackles) will probably be heard on lps, but no skips or major warps. CDs should still play fine.



It will still play, but will probably be noisy enough on lps for people to notice. If we see something that we think will skip, it still won't be graded as good, but with records in this shape there is a chance that there will be one or two small skips, or a bit of a warp which should still play on most turntables. The cover may have some writing on it, and possibly some tears and bends, but should all be there.



May or may not play, but vinyl will be noisy and very possibly have some skips. Cover can be pretty beat up, and possibly falling apart.



We would only list this if it was an incredibly rare item in really bad shape that someone may want just to have the item. Not really of much use for listening, and probably not much use for looking at either.

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