Should I buy a used cd or lp?

About our used cds

All our items are guaranteed, whether you buy it new or used. The case on a used cd may be a bit worn, but if it is broken, we replace that before shipping as well. The quality of the sound and the content of the cd is exactly the same as on a new cd. Unlike most other stores, we list cutouts, promos, and any item turned in for trade as used, even if it is actually new. We do not always mention that a used item is a promo, so they may have the small cuts, stickers, etc. which manufacturers will do to indicate that it was used for promotion (or cut out). Once in a while, they may even have a slightly different cover (sometimes in a plastic sleeve instead of a jewel case). If you do not want these, mention it in the comments section of the order form. On the rare occasion, the cd doesn't work, you can send it back within 14 days of your order (that gives you time to receive it and play it). We will refund your money (minus shipping) by crediting the credit card you used to place your order. Please e-mail us before you ship a return for further instructions.

About our new cds

When you buy a new item, although it is new, it may not be sealed. Imports do not come in shrink wrap, and in our store, we keep all our compact discs separate from the jewel cases in order to prevent theft. We do put new cd's into a new jewel case before we ship, unless it is a special case such as a cardboard or 3d item. We do have a shrink wrap machine, and, upon request, we will shrink wrap it for you.

About our new and used lps and singles

We don't have many vinyl records listed right now, but we've got plenty in stock. They will be coming online soon (as we enter them into our inventory system). Our used lps are guaranteed against defects. They are all visually checked for any defects and unless noted are in very good or better condition.. If there is a problem, or you disagree with our rating, you may return the album for a refund.

As you probably already know, most labels aren't making that many new lps. When we get new major label lps, it is often a very limited run, and they sell out quickly. If you see a new lp of a new release, we advise you buy it quickly. It may not be there tomorrow. Some labels have kept their vinyl albums in print, and we often have many of these in stock. Most of the labels which keep lps in print specialize in older albums (Bomp is a good example). There are also a good number of hardcore/punk labels which keep their lps in print.

The manufacture of lps has never had the greatest quality control, and many dealers will never mark an lp mint, even if it is new. There are almost always a few small defects on them from the day they come from the plant. Unlike cds, these can affect the sound quality, but generally not. LPs still offer a better value for the money than cds, and, of course, they have more space for artwork. Venus Records (note the 'Records' in our name) has one of the largest collections of new and used lps in NYC, with many out of print titles available.

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