How to send Venus Records a Want List

For the most part, all compact discs we have in stock are listed on our web page. Please check online to see if any of your compact disc wants are available. LPs and singles are not all online at this point. If you have specific wants, we do have a few rules we need you to follow. Want lists can be very time consuming, and these rules allow us to look for your requests.

When sending us a want list, we need to make a small agreement. First, that for any item you list, you put down a price you are willing to pay for it. If you send us a list of 20 items, and say that you will pay up to $15 each, that is fine. If the item is worth less than $15, we will charge what it is worth not the full amount you offered. Sometimes, we may even give you a $20 item for the $15 you have offered if we have a few or it is a slow seller. This way, we save a lot of time by not looking for and writing details on a $50 piece for which you are only willing to pay $15. If we find an item on your list, at a price you have said that you are willing to pay (or less) within a week of getting your list, we do expect you to purchase it. We are not set up to keep want lists on file at this point, so please resubmit your want lists every few months. Our turnover of product is pretty steady, and you never know what will show up. Shipping charges will be added to whatever you price you list on your want list.

For lps and 45s, we do accept want lists.

List specific items. We may easily have 150 different Beatles items in stock. Writing them all down would take hours. Just asking for a list of Beatles items will get you referred to the web site. If we already have a list of it, it is there.

For cds, we do not accept want lists.

Please use our web store. 98% of all our compact discs are listed there, so a cd want list will come up with very little that you can't find on our site. We can do special orders for domestic in print cds, but they can take a week to come in. We are not set up to handle ongoing wants and inform you when an item arrives. If we ever can implement this feature, we will publicize it on the site.

Please only send us want lists with prices you are willing to pay!

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